Yianni Stamas Unplugging from Digital for International Mountains Day

Is the World Slipping Away?

DigiComArts. As much as we enjoy the digital and artistic world of technology as a creative force. Sometimes it is necessary to unplug and look around at the resources of the world slipping away.

How are You Affected by Mountains?

Today, December 11 is International Mountain Day because of the role that mountains play in our daily lives. A source of fresh water for millions is only the start. Mountains are an important habitat of animals and other creatures of the circle of life. Much of my family live near the mountains for which they play a pivotal role in their lives.

Climate Change

International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11 every year. Having the day is to encourage the development in our precious mountains. The United Nations General Assembly in 2003. The day gives us a chance to spread awareness about protecting the mountain biodiversity in ecosystems that are feeling the weight of pressure due to climate change and pollution.

Spreading the Message

Have you ever climbed a mountain? If so you know first hand what we are talking about. And even if you haven’t there is the symbolic link we have to mountains such as the fact we all have a mountain to climb, even if that mountain is only metaphorical. We cannot allow the possibility of not having mountain life playing a part in our own lives. Like many important ecosystems, this is one we should not lose. So please, do your part in spreading the message of International Mountains Day.