BigFoot Zombie on the Topic of Scientific Inquiry

Don’t worry BigFootZombie, you still have some fans.


A “tongue firmly in cheek” story we recently saw on the internet is one that involved BigFoot Zombie also known as Sasquatch Undead. In his interview he laments about the lack of taking climate change seriously in America. He believes it signals the possible end to the magic of scientific inquiry. Or to put it another way, if people don’t care about solving problems associated with climate change, what hope is there for the belief of mythical creatures like himself?!

When Do You Market Your Project?

Shhh. A marketing secret is about to be revealed.

A Reader’s Question

This week’s promotional tip has to do with the question from one of our readers which is “When is the best time to start marketing your project?”

Common Wisdom May be Wrong

When faced with the question of when you should market your project many ArtisticPreneurs would say that you should market your project when you have it just how you want it, so that you do not put out an inferior product. This makes sense on the one hand because you certainly want to be known as one who creates quality projects so to be premature is not a good idea. Or is it?

Marketing Groundwork

The truth of the matter is that if you wait to market your project until its completion you are actually putting yourself in a bad position. Think of it this way. If you wait until your project is perfect and then debut it, since there was no marketing done up until that point you will not make any sales. Whereas on the other hand if you begin to promote your project from the very beginning of its development, then you will benefit from having marketing groundwork in place.

Building Anticipation

Additionally, if you are savvy, you will be able to engage your future customers with updates on your project’s status, getting them more and more excited for it finally come out.

The Risk You Take

There is of course a risk with this approach. Let’s say you start promoting a project and then discover that you do not want to release it to the public after all. Are you in a pickle? No. It actually presents an opportunity to have a leapfrogging effect. This means that you can use all the marketing you have done until this point to in turn transition to your new project.

A Roadmap

Another important aspect of using the early marketing approach, is to get input from your future customers. What do they want in a projects such as yours? How can your project better suit their needs? Etc. Market research, even done somewhat informally so as to not come across too aggressive, can be an incredible roadmap for your project.

Do you have a project you’re working on? Tell us all about it. We’re really curious!


ArtisticPreneurs Unite

What’s the Message?

When we say “ArtisticPreneurs Unite” we don’t necessarily mean what it sounds like. What does it sound like? To some it may mean that ArtisticPreneurs should bond and be a united front. But this is not our intended message.

A Kind of Telepathy

Our call to action is the suggestion that those who consider themselves ArtisticPreneurs, stick to a kind of code. In other words, since this is often though of as the age of the ArtisticPreneur, it is somehow how important and maybe even empowering that those who are creative as well as are entrepreneurs, seek solace in knowing others are up to the same thing.

Different from an Energy Drink

Being an ArtisticPreneur, much like a solopreneur, can be a lonely gig. It’s a lot of time being stuck behind a computer with no one there. Needless to say, ArtisticPreneurs like it that way, because many of them are introverts so they get recharged by doing work all alone.

A Special 24 Hours

ArtisticPreneurs are also some of the nicest people you could ever imagine. So if you know an ArtisticPreneur, consider today to officially be “ArtisticPreneur Day” and say “hi” to all the ones you know. It would also be thoughtful if you say to her or him:

“Good job. We appreciate your work.”

Could it Really Be a Holiday?

That’s really all that an ArttistickPreneur needs. A little affirmation now and then. Thanks for reading, but now please excuse me, I have to go do a bunch stuff on the computer. Happy ArtisticPreneur Day!


10 Promotion Tips for ArtisticPreneurs

Get Clients
When you visit podcasts, blogs and videos, those featured in this media come across as experts, right? Do you have an expertise in some area? Get on the media track that other experts are on!

Here are 10 quick and easy promotion tips that you can use to get clients:

  1. Who, what, where, how – this can be a starting point for how to get clients. First look at who you are, what is your company and what is the solution to a problem that you supply to clients?
  2. In short, design a paragraph that answers the “who” question that is going to be desirable to your perfect client. Be sure to also answer what you stand for, what are your beliefs?
  3. Important: at all times you want to put yourself in the mind of your future client. What would he or she want to see? Is what you are proposing a solution to a problem which that client has? Are you making this clear enough?
  4. What kind of service do you provide? Get clear on what kind of service or product your company or you offer.
  5. Make sure on your website is what you do and what you are about.
  6. Do you have a CTA (Call to Action) on your site? Is it clear what you want the future client to do? Email you? Fill out a form? Subscribe to a newsletter?
  7. Business, product and service are all concepts when you are just starting out that if merely being announced on your website will not get you results.
  8. More than this is required. So you need to be aware of what your clients want and what their pain points are.
  9. What is it that is painful to them that they want relief from? Chances are your future clients spend time online seeking answers to these problems.
  10. Where? Where do your future clients hang out? Chances are your future clients spend time online reading blogs, listening to podcasts, visiting videos and so forth. You need to do the “where” and go to where your clients are. Make a list of podcasts, blogs and videos that your clients likely visit and then contact these venues to come on as a guest expert sharing your knowledge. Be sure to share your web address as a guest which should be set up to be able to acquire a visitor’s email address.

DigiComArts Partnership with Art Gush Helping Along the Process

DigiComArts and Art Gush Partnership
Much ado about nothing. It’s not easy getting an eBook out. At least not this one. And this being the time of the ArtisticPreneur makes it especially important. The first Art Gush eBook has been written. Now that big challenge is to get it online. More about this in today’s post below.

A Meeting of the Minds with Art Gush

Here is some exciting news from DigiComArts is in regards to their participating with the folks over at Art Gush. Art Gush as we’ve explained in prior posts, is an organization that used to be a popular educational membership site for ArtisticPreneurs.

The Big Change that Art Gush is Going Through

Recently, the powers that be made the decision that instead of being an educational membership site it would be a place where viewers could download low or no cost eBooks. The only problem though, is that all the educational membership site stuff has been taken down and there are still no eBooks available.

Time to Get the First eBook Written

That’s where we come in. We’ve worked with Mr. Stamas on several occasions because of him doing workshops at the New York Public Library. Well, we recently lit a fire under him and he then quickly wrote an eBook entitled “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.”

Title, Title, What is the Title?

The aforementioned title is we believe the accurate one. The title for the eBook that Yianni Stamas uses in the excerpt from his blog entry below is slightly different. Either way it is something along the lines of what it sounds like which is a step by step method to get better results when acquiring customers, clients and fans.

Here’s the Yianni Stamas blog entry:

“As some of you know, I’ve been putting together an eBook to be called something along the lines of “For ArtisticPreneurs Only: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” The book originally was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that we did live at a summit event at State University of New York, Empire State College.”

What Now?

Okay. The eBook has been completed but it still is not available at Art Gush. I guess since we were successful in getting Stamas to convert one of his PowerPoint lectures into an eBook. We should probably also take on the task of motivating him to put the eBook online.

Alas, it is much ado about nothing!

DigiComArts: The Evolution

There is much anticipation over what kind of an eBook DigiComArts will place on the new version of Art Gush.
There is much anticipation over what kind of an eBook DigiComArts will place on the new version of Art Gush.

There Have Been Some Requests from Readers Wanting More Information on DigiComArts so Here it is!

It All Started at the New York Public Library.

DigiComArts arts which is short for Digital Communication Arts, got its start at the New York Public Library and is evolving into an online education staple in conjunction with the work it is now doing with the new Art Gush site. Art Gush, in its original version, was established in 2016 as a go-to educational membership site. But as of a few months ago this changed. The creators of Art Gush decided to explore a different path, so all the content was taken down. The new version of the site is to be part blog and part store. The store, when it is set up, will offer PDF downloadable eBooks on topics of interest to ArtistiPreneurs, including Digital Marketing.

DigiComArts was set into motion back in 2012 and was first used to augment DigiComArts Workshops at the New York Public Library. If you check the DigiComArts Archives you’ll see that the first focus was on the topic of “Bullying” and involved the celebrity organization “Stomp Out Bullying.” “Stomp Out Bullying” went on to win a Platinum PIA as did some of the student participants in the workshops.

Digital Communication Arts Platinum PIA

On the New York Public Library website the “Digital Communication Arts Platinum PIA” is described as being given to the individual who excels at creating a digital project in the DigiComArts workshop series.

As mentioned, the theme for 2012 was anti-bullying. A highlight in the build to the PIAs was an address by bullying survivor and “American Idol” contestant Shacara Maclaurin to one of the workshop groups.

The Digital Communication Arts PIA winner for 2012 was Luke Grant for his animatic short “Who’s the Real Bully?”

Yianni Stamas’ Blog Clarifies the Award Bearing the Name DigiComArts

The following is excerpted from Yianni Stamas’ blog:

“Just in time for the build to Harvest Festival NYC, Librarian Rodger Taylor and myself are proud to present the new DigiComArts site which will provide a showcase for teens and others. DigiComArts features Digital Communication Arts projects that are the result of the DigiComArts workshop series at the New York Public Library. Since many of the projects that are created during the workshop series are also nominated for Platinum PIAs Awards, Digicomarts provides a way for surfers to experience the work of participants.”

Manhattan Kids Guide Offers Final Words

This is taken from the “About” section of Manhattan Kids Guide:

“…Lights Camera Read also staged DigiComArts workshops at New York Public Library branches teaching teens important media and life skills. Eventually the DigiComArts workshops expanded their reach by becoming in 2016 an online education experience. This online education site is called Art Gush and helps you advance your creative career.”

New Content is on Its Way!

Following the closing in 2018 of the membership portion of Art Gush, new PDF content is on it’s way. DigiComArts plans to put up an eBook on Art Gush soon!

John Yianni Stamas Talks About DigiComArts and its Special Network

Community Through Media
Community Through Media

Hi, my name is John Yianni Stamas and I’m one of the founders of DigiComArts, which is short for Digital Community Arts. This volunteer based organization has grown greatly since when it was first developed in 2011 (with then librarian Rodger Taylor) as a series of youth workshops at the New York Public Library that culminated with some participants winning Platinum PIAs Awards. These workshops were done in conjunction with DigiComArts’ companion collective established in 2001 and called Video Film Web . The goal was to create community through media.

This mission is now also accomplished by our managing of over 27 community blogs. These blogs are updated daily in collaboration with guest bloggers and interviewees just like you who are interested in building their visibility while simultaneously making a difference and getting new customers, clients and fans.

We also now offer video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services. In fact, DigiComArts and Video Film Web, working closely with DigiRefer, will help you find your perfect affordable media freelancer to fit your needs and transform the effectiveness of your internet campaigns to better reach your own personal community and audience.

We believe that life is too short to not help to make the world a little bit better daily through uploading fresh web content using a holistic multifaceted approach. We also believe that the pursuit of more customers, clients and fans for business reasons does not exclude you being able to be artistic or to make a difference across the globe. This is the cornerstone concept of the website entitled ArtisticPreneur which also has a weekly newsletter.

The ArtisticPreneur newsletter keeps you abreast of new content on the over 27 community blogs plus provides you with tips to leverage the media that you use to expand your creative entrepreneurial undertakings. Joining this newsletter is on an elite first-come-first-served-basis and can be accomplished by emailing “info at video film web dot com.” In the email be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think this weekly email newsletter can help you.

Please note that not all newsletter joining requests result in you being signed up. We reserve the right to seek out creative people committed to change. Again, the email to be used to request to join the ArtisticPreneur newsletter is “info at video film web dot com.” Those accepted will be added to the email list via the email of the message you send to us.

Online Weekly Workshop Making Your Living as a Creative

How to Make Money as an Artist through Education
How to Make Money as an Artist through Education

As of this writing, Art Gush is doing a paid weekly course entitled “How to Make Money as an Artist.” And now the great news. You as a regular reader of DigiComArts  have an opportunity to view a free preview of some of this educational series. Go to NYC Create and you will see information, at no cost to you, regarding the topic of “How to Make Money as an Artist through Education.” This is a preview of the 1st of 6 courses on the topic.

How to Deal with Haters

This is an attempt on our part to create an OVERVIEW of how to deal with haters, especially online. The concept came about through a discussion we had with the creators of NYC Create.

If you are a creative person or an artisticpreneur, this can often mean you are someone who puts yourself “out there.” Often, if you are creative, you will have the desire to share what you are doing creatively. Unfortunately, once you introduce your creation to the public, especially if it is online, you will face the wrath of haters.

The key way of dealing with haters we believe is through having compassion for them. Those who create usually don’t have the inclination to attack someone and often want to help people. So it is hard sometimes for a creative to face her or his haters. Who are these haters? Why are they attacking you?

Frequently that hating – although directed at you – does not have to do with you but rather with the hater’s state of mind. So when you come across someone who is a hater, don’t look at them with animosity. A hater, especially one who remains anonymous, is a trouble person and deserves your empathy. Honestly feel sorry for them. It doesn’t mean you are taking a position of being better than the hater and taking a position of looking down at her or him. Coming from a place of empathy means recognizing that the hater is lashing out due to pain that she or he has inside.

For example, if you have someone who is hating you in the comments section of your blog or video, you can respond by asking them where they are coming from? Just imagine how much rage they must have bottled up inside of them that leads to them hating. In short if you are a hater, you are not coming from a good point of view.

You might start by asking:

“Hey, what’s wrong? How can I help you? What’s the real problem?”

Clearly this doesn’t always work and sometimes it’s better to just ignore the hate. But remember, haters are broken people who use hate as an ineffective way to deal with their internal problems.

When you first have a hater hating you might initially be offended,  hurt or angry but remember that this person is crying out for help like a baby that is acting out. Ask yourself if you can go to them with some compassion.

Typically haters are misunderstood people. If you use compassion there is the possibility of turning this rage-aholic into a loyal follower. But again, sometimes it’s best to ignore. You really have to use your intuition as to what is the best path for you to take.

NYC Create New Website for Artists

NYC Create is a website that has just emerged on the scene for artists of all kinds – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – that with each new blog entry gives you fresh tips and steps to promote yourself, build your audience and even monetize your art. NYC Create’s current blog entry as of this writing announces the 2018 Platinum Pias Awards winners as well as details the Proof of Concept phase of being an artistic entrepreneur or artisticpreneur. The Proof of Concept stage of your creative business is when you are just starting out you test the waters. NYC Create says that sometimes people jump too quickly into becoming a sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation and it’s not a bad idea to experiment a bit. The idea is that it is important to discover first whether you have a business or not before taking it further. Of course different things work for different people and when working on projects that are as important as building a career or company, you should always seek out the council of experts.