Jennifer Lopez’ DigiComArts Process

Process: DigiComArts Relationships

It’s interesting to note that one of the ways her digicomarts process has developed is that she has been able to remain in the media’s eye is through her romantic relationships which were of the power couple nature. Quite a distance traveled since her Bronx days. People are interested in other people’s relationships, especially if that person is a movie star and wielder of DigiComcomArts.

The Search for a DigiComArts Narrative

Being good at digicomarts simply means being able to attract digicomarts, or in this case the media. One could make that case that Lopez’ tryst with Wesley Snipes was the search for a narrative and celebification. The hope that this relationship could be, not only an attraction, but also may have a place in early power couple experimentation.

And the DigiComArts Process Continues

Then there is Sean Combs. Jennifer Lopez had been a dancer which involves music, plus eventually had a music career of her own. She met combs while the two of them were working together on her album. Their romance that blossomed was good for Jennifer Lopez’ career coverage of DigiComArts. Of course there were real feelings between the two, but regardless of intention it was a symbolic union that sealed Lopez’ branding process of herself as a singer.

Bennifer DigicomArts Process

Ben Affleck was different. They had met while working on “Gigli.” Although the motion picture did not do well, this launched a relationship with Affleck which Jennifer Lopez describe as “having real feelings.” Together become known as “Bennifer.”

And Thus the DigiComArts Process Continues

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez became engaged, but never marrried. Again an interesting manifestation of DigiComArts and another sign of her celebifying herself having started in the Bronx.

Another DigiComArts Relationship

Marc Anthony was the next romance of the celeb kind which in turn brought much DigiComArts. She began motherhood with him and even got married. But the relationship was not to be and the reason for the break up is not clear.

The J-Rod DigicomArts Process

Then she met Alex Rodriguez who is known as A-Rod making. And apparently Jennifer Lopez approved the couple nickname for her and Alex Rodriguez which is “J-Rod.” The deal was sealed with DigiComArts generating results as seen on “Today.” Jennifer Lopez said this about the DigitComArts couple name J-Rod:

“I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. I mean, I figured something like that would happen.”

And so it is in her DigiComArts process!