Introducing USA eLearning

USA Create and their partners have been hard at work to create a new USA eLearning organization called

USA eLearning, a New USA Create Division

Introducing USA eLearning that provides you with the educational materials and digital tools you need to succeed with your business or artistic career of any kind. Initially USA eLearning is introducing products and services such as PDF eBooks of University Presentations as well as the 10 Day Email Course from USA Create. DigiRefer has been helpful in putting together the teams for the creation of these new steps forward.

Solutions You Need to Succeed

The idea is to expedite the process that small businesses and creatives have to go through in the business world in order to succeed. In SHORT these are, you guessed it, SHORT cuts to getting where you want to be faster because you are supported by the online marketing arts solutions that you need to succeed. These solutions are being implemented by a wide variety of organizations, including those in the film industry such as DocuMystery.

Take it To the Next Level

Imagine being able to have access to low or no cost eBooks that contain material used in actual SUNY (State University of New York) presentations to Digital Media Entrepreneurship students showing them the exact steps they need to take to get to the next level.

Find the Best Choice for You

DigiComarts is especially excited by this development because it is an example of DigiComArts or Digital Communication Arts pathways for those who are finding running and promoting a business or their career, challenging. One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is knowing how to do marketing. There seem to be many choices out there but which is the best for you?

Explore Possibilities

Do you do your own website? Or do you hire someone to help you with it? Do you promote yourself and your business on your own or do you find someone to help you with this?

Take Your Time

In the end it comes down to the approach that you are most comfortable with. But we believe that the informed consumer is the smart consumer and tapping into educational resources means that you can consider your options PRIOR to jumping right in it.

See Your Future

Enlist the help of low or no cost eBooks as well as taking free 10 day email courses is a great method to get a glimpse into the future of possibility for your business or career. And if you want to add the power of a team, contact DigiRefer.

Consider the Benefits of USAcreate

In fact, when you work with USA eLearning and their parent organization USAcreate, you don’t initially have to spend a dime in order to educate yourself. You are able to go to and sign up for their email list (which is free) plus get access to no cost email courses and even an instantly downloadable PDF eBook that is a checklist of the tools you’ll need so that you learn the materials you are going to want to gather to be best equipped with your marketing. A mentioned, these free options are endorsed by DocuMystery.

Get Started RIGHT NOW!

DigiComArts is excited that finally there are Digital Communication Arts tools available to the general public. To get started getting your free eBooks, free email course and free newsletter go to