How to Get Past a Parent Who Yelled and Criticized You

From One Generation to the Next

Know that Digital Communication Arts is always available to you. Some of us who became artists did so not only because of the joy of being creative but also as a way to shut out a parent who is continually criticizing us. The artistic expression can be a way to hold at arm’s length those who act out on us. Although difficult to recognize this as a kid, the parent is the one who is spreading dysfunctional traditions and is the one who needs to get a grip. You can bet that the mother or father who is putting down the child experienced something along those lines while young also.

Make a Commitment

But that is not how it is supposed to be. A human being who is a part of “the quest” should always be seeking to do better in their generation toward their child than the parent did to them. Let’s say you are the offspring of someone who has a negative parent, as difficult as it is to do, you need to learn to see who the parent is and make a commitment to doing better.

Your Art

Forgiveness is a term that is used a lot in some circles. Where forgiveness comes into play is the very healthy process of recognizing that your critical parent is a wounded child themselves. Sadly, some may never change and can go to their grave without transforming their ways.  But your job is not done even if they pass. If you become a parent yourself your goal should be to treat that child as you would want to be treated, with love, kindness and understanding. And your art can reflect what you have learned and can maybe even help others who experience it also. Thank God for Digital Communication Arts, also known as DigiComaArts.