Different Kinds of Digital Subscription-Based Businesses You Can Create


A popular form of digital subscription-based businesses is to use the model known as SaaS (Software as a Subscription). If you have software on the web that is useful to people on an ongoing basis, you might consider going with the SaaS direction. You essentially charge a fee monthly for your customer to have access to your platform. This works best if you can have updates including interesting things being done with the software as well as what are the latest new and fresh benefits? Doing this can continue to build of the perceived value of your software thereby giving you a better chance of holding on to your client.

Value and Problem Solving

Another digital subscription-based business that you can start is the delivery to the subscriber a monthly box containing something. This approach has become quite popular with boxes that have in them such things as science experiments for kids, clothes to try on, meats and so on. But regardless of what kind of model you choose for your digital subscription-based business, it needs to be clear that value that it serves to the customer, or as we said earlier, the problem it solves.

Focus Groups

You need to show your future customer the high value benefits your service or product supplies them with and why they need it. You can do this with facts, figures, and testimonials (sometimes called social proof). And ideally, before you launch your business or even before you put any money into it, it is a good idea to bring together actual people who are the kind of person you are trying to reach with your business. Test some of the ideas you have on them. Ask them direct questions and listen to their feedback. This can be greatly beneficial indeed, because they can give you the key to the door of your success. Be sure to integrate all that you learn.


A big and important component of starting your digital subscription-based business is pricing. And one of the easiest and most effective way of finding a fit, is to look at the pricing your competitors are using. This is a terrific starting place. Then you will have to decide what feels right to you. Will you charge more or less of than what they are charging? Will you have different packages? Or will your product or service be a singular solution in format?