NYC Create New Website for Artists

NYC Create is a website that has just emerged on the scene for artists of all kinds – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – that with each new blog entry gives you fresh tips and steps to promote yourself, build your audience and even monetize your art. NYC Create’s current blog entry as of this writing announces the 2018 Platinum Pias Awards winners as well as details the Proof of Concept phase of being an artistic entrepreneur or artisticpreneur. The Proof of Concept stage of your creative business is when you are just starting out you test the waters. NYC Create says that sometimes people jump too quickly into becoming a sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation and it’s not a bad idea to experiment a bit. The idea is that it is important to discover first whether you have a business or not before taking it further. Of course different things work for different people and when working on projects that are as important as building a career or company, you should always seek out the council of experts.

Lights Camera Read Offers Choices to Readers

Lights Camera Read, the media education organization, has recently opened up its process to give choices to the readers of its blog. They are doing this by asking viewers what kind of content they would like to see more of. Thus far Lights Camera Read has been known mostly for their Art Gush program that helps artists of all kinds to take their careers to the next level by creating web series. Now, after opening up to input, Lights Camera Read will surely develop some new educational products that the public is interested in.

John Yianni Stamas on a Movie Process

According to the Movie Process website, John Yianni Stamas recently introduced a Movie Process that helps work toward the mission of “No More Starving Artists.” The reason a movie process is being used to achieve this goal, is that filmmaking is uniquely suited for helping artists of all different kinds. Therefore having a movie process in your promotion arsenal allows you to showcase what you do in a movie or webs series. Learn more here.

Movie Process is a program developed by Lights Camera Read which now is taking over Lights Camera Read’s focus. As you may recall Lights Camera Read was created initially as a filmmaking and writing workshop series at the New York Public Library.

Now Movie Process is helping to spread the message of filmmaking as a way to promote your artistic career.

Platinum Pias Awards

The “Pl” are the first two letters of “Platinum” which in turn stands for “Platinum Pias Awards” also known as “The 8th Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards for Artists.”

This time around the Platinum Pias are being celebrated on March 20, 2017 at DCTV. Also, the Pias will have mentions of the DigiComArts workshop projects. DigiComArts workshops are produced by Lights Camera Read which also produces the Platinum Pias Awards. So it’s just like family!