They Hack Your Brain to Sell You Stuff but Now YOU Can Do the Very Same MIND READING ACT! Here’s How!

The Key to How You Can Figuratively Become an E.S.P. Entertainer

The DIGI COM ARTS Process to Celebify Your Career as a Performing Artist or to Promote Your Business or Idea

A saying I “created” from a mish mosh of other ones, is “There’s no Biz that’s not in Show Biz.” The reason is that frequently throughout my “career” as an entrepreneur, the projects I took on to earn a living through various lengths of time and kind of businesses, usually related to show business in some manner or another. For example, doing promotional and video production plus editing for a very well-known arts organization, or editing “actors’ demo reels.”

Every Industry has its Own Version of a “Commercial” and the Entertainment Industry is One of Them

When doing something like editing a performer’s demo reel, you are in fact assisting them in getting the most out of examples of their work in order to be persuasive with people who have the power to get them performing artist jobs. Their manager takes this “promotion” made from their clients’ work and puts it in front of those who can make it happen. Through the promo, conversations and auditions, if done with a strong strategy, leads to the entertainer getting the booking.

What is Going to be Covered Here is a Window into Succeeding in the Arts and Business

Simply through serving my clients and helping them succeed, I found myself in a kind of media lab of sorts. This lab let me try out various strategies, none of them too risky, but those integrated lessons learned, eventually, like will happen to anyone engaged in repetition and growth of knowledge, you become an “expert.” We are working behind-the-scenes developing with this “expertise step-by-step digital education products that may or may not be made available.

How to Build Visibility and Fandom Either with YOU or YOUR BUSINESS Being the Entity that People are Fans of

Lessons in the field of “Entertainment Entrepreneurship,” tell us that essentially everything comes down to having a product, then promoting it, and finally making a sale. In short, create, promote and sell.

What are you selling?

How is it different from others that has a benefit not available anywhere else but through you, plus the sollution it provides is desperately need, but because you are the only supplier of it with the “difference,” they come to you to buy because of the scarcity of there being similar products that approximate what yours does.

How and Where Will You Find Customers and Do So at the Price Moment, they are Ready to Buy?

Figure out how you are going to get candidates to purchase from you, sometimes called “prospects” who could turn out in the positive, like a gold miner who also does “prospecting” for the valuable metal. The reality is that YOU know your industry better than most. Therefore, only you know just what it is that the prospect is motivated by as well as where to find them.

Brainstorm on Your Strategy to Uncover Your Next Customer at the Moment They Hunger to Make a Purchase

Think long and hard about WHERE they are at the moment, that they are instantly ready to buy from you. The usual hangouts can be your first places to test that include certain social media sites, forums if there are any, communities where those in your industry chat and leave posts about. Why are social and forums valuable to look at? Because at the moment of observing them asking questions, this will be the research you need to understand EXACTLY what motivates them.

You are a Marketing Detective Looking for Clues

So, it is all about timing and method of discovery of those who want to buy in an instant because they have been looking for the right opportunity and you happen to be in the right place at the right time to exchange the value you offer for them purchasing your product. We shall look at key concepts around the idea of reaching them at the moment they are motivated and ready to buy NOW.

Buying Search or Social Ads – Learn from them But Avoid Purchasing them if You Can

The genius of social media sites and search engines is the genius for THEM not YOU. Think about how smart they are. The developed a place where individuals in their industry are attracted to being at and using free things. For example, they offer you, the customer, something you need, but they give it to you free, that in turn motivates you to show up. For a search engine it could be you having free info searches, for social, it could be interacting with likeminded individuals.

But Why are Search Engines or Social Media Platforms being Potentially Geniuses?

Check it out. They are are giving you, the visitor, for” Free” stuff like like searching for info. Or maybe the “Gratis” perk for you is being able to socialize or or network with likeminded individuals who maybe share a similar passion to yours. So, what is it that you give those nice people who put together the search or social platform in the first place? Gee whiz all you are giving them your data when you signed up, or even if you wrote in fake info, they are studying your every move.

Why Tracking Your Every Move is Like Giving them Data on a Never-Ending Access to Your Brain Via Your Choices

“You are what you do.” Let me say that again: “You are what you do.” It’s like a rhyme I just came up with 10 seconds ago. “Whatever you DO, gives out secrets about YOU.” You do whatever it is you do on their site in the form of “free” stuff, and in return, when you clicked that form when setting up your account, you signed off on letting them study your every move including choices you make to click on, what you communicated about, what areas of site you are drawn to.

So, Within Seconds they Quite Possibly Know More About What Motivates YOU than YOU Know About Yourself

On their platform, they are getting deeper and deeper insight into your wants, needs and desires so they can pop ads in front of you that are so perfectly aligned with your interests that you simply cannot resist clicking on. them. That means that literally every second they electronically, through AI, integrate your likes and dislikes so their ads get better and better at anticipating your every need the moment you need it. Hence, they become psychological mind readers of sorts. How does that make you feel? It is very possible you really do not care and welcome a personized experience. Many believe this, so you are not alone.

Enough Bashing of Search Engines and Social Media Platforms and Instead Soon We Will Deliver Directly to You a Better and More Actionable Way You Too Can Do This on Your Own!

It is time to disappear from this magic show so we can work on, off screen, a potential educational product we have been asked to work on with other websites from the Blog Coalition. We have not yet decided whether or not we wish to participate in a multiple collaboration but if we do, we will let you know. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the various sites of the B.C. (Blog Coalition) for up to the minute updates.