“Digi Com Arts” and How to Employ this Multifaceted Medium to Increase Outcome for You the ABEIFY”

Enhancing Project Outcomes

In the realm of the Artist, Businessperson, Educator, Innovator, Facilitator, You (ABEIFY), the amalgamation of digital technologies with the intrinsic elements of creativity and communication—termed “Digi Com Arts” or Digital Communication Arts—stands as a pivotal strategy for enhancing project outcomes.

Achieving Success in Projects

This multifaceted approach harnesses the power of digital platforms, tools, and media to elevate the visibility, engagement, and effectiveness of endeavors across the arts, business, and education. For ABEIFYs, the strategic employment of the multifaceted medium of Digi Com Arts is helpful for achieving success in their projects.

Enhancing Engagement with Digital Media

Digital media serves as a powerful medium for enhancing engagement, whether through interactive websites, engaging video content, or immersive virtual reality experiences. For educators and artists, digital media opens up new avenues for connecting with audiences and students, transforming passive observers into active participants.

Community and Loyalty

By employing digital storytelling, gamification, or interactive design, ABEIFYs can create more compelling and memorable experiences that resonate deeply with their target audience. This not only increases the impact of their projects but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty among their audience.

Bridging Creativity and Technology

The essence of Digi Com Arts lies in its ability to bridge creativity and technology, allowing ABEIFYs to explore new forms of expression and innovation. By integrating digital art into creative projects, ABEIFYs can push the boundaries of traditional media, creating works that are not only visually stunning but also interactive and dynamic.

Connecting Communities

Similarly, in the realm of innovation, digital technologies offer new platforms and mediums for prototyping, testing, and launching new ideas, from apps that solve everyday problems to digital platforms that connect communities in novel ways.

ABEIFY has the mission to provide useful archives and solutions for you, the ABEIFY (Artist Businessperson Educator Innovator Facilitator You), and its founder believes that for the good of all it is important that “Humanity Guide AI”. Hence, he established the AI Do Good Awards that recognizes past and present AI pioneers who have made a difference in Artificial Intelligence. Also, on this page and done under human guidance, is the article which was generated by ChatGPT and the accompanying images by DALL-E, both AI technologies developed by OpenAI.

How is DigiComArts a modern take on AI Marketing YOU?

“DigiComArts”, short for Digital Communication Arts, is a modern approach to list building and prospecting that embraces the digital era. Rather than adhering to traditional list building methods, this approach advocates for utilizing a diverse range of digital content, such as videos, images, and written content, to reach your target audience.

“DigiComArts” promotes a comprehensive, immersive way of engaging leads, going beyond just collecting email addresses to implementing a holistic digital communication strategy. This gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand’s identity and value proposition through various media, thereby attracting a wider audience. However, it also underscores the importance of respecting local laws and best practices to maintain a good reputation and a healthy business environment.

The strength of “DigiComArts” lies in its flexibility and adaptability. It allows for exploration of various digital platforms and media types, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and the chance to reach a diverse audience. This approach also enables a high degree of personalization, allowing businesses to tailor their communication according to their audience’s preferences, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Successful application of “DigiComArts” requires a deep understanding of the target audience and their digital consumption habits, which involves thorough research and analysis. It also encourages proactive lead generation through platforms like LinkedIn, business directories, and professional groups, aiming to increase both the size and quality of your list. Beyond list building, “DigiComArts” promotes ongoing engagement to foster a community around the brand.

In conclusion, “DigiComArts” presents a fresh perspective on list building, endorsing a digital, diverse, and personalized approach. By understanding your audience’s digital habits and leveraging a variety of digital media, “DigiComArts” enables the creation of a dynamic digital community around your brand. It’s more than just a strategy; it’s a mindset that puts your audience and digital communication at the core of your outreach efforts.

DigiComArts: Harness the Power of Digital Media for Artistic Expression

In an increasingly digital world, the choice of medium plays a pivotal role in showcasing artistic expression. DigiComArts highlights the importance of selecting the right digital platforms and channels to effectively convey your message. This strategic decision ensures that you reach your target audience in a way that resonates with them.

Video has become a dominant medium in the digital landscape. Creating online videos allows you to engage your audience visually and audibly. Whether it’s through short films, tutorials, or vlogs, video content can captivate viewers and bring your artistic expression to life.

A dedicated YouTube channel can be a powerful tool for showcasing your artistic talents. YouTube provides a platform where you can share your work, engage with subscribers through comments and discussions, and build a loyal community around your artistic expression.

Social media platforms are another vital medium for reaching your target audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, these platforms allow you to share your artistic expression, connect with followers, and tap into viral trends to amplify your reach.

Consider the nature of your artistic expression and the preferences of your target audience when selecting the right medium. For example, if your work is highly visual, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest may be particularly effective in showcasing your art.

Digital media provides a unique opportunity to engage with a broader audience that shares a passion for artistic expression. By leveraging the power of digital platforms, you can connect with individuals who are actively seeking and appreciating your art, expanding your reach beyond geographical limitations.

Creating a compelling brand presence through digital media is essential. Your online presence should reflect your artistic identity, values, and style. Consistency in branding across different digital channels helps create recognition and build a strong connection with your audience.

Utilize analytics and data from digital platforms to gain insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors. This data-driven approach allows you to refine your digital media strategy and create content that resonates with your target audience.

Collaborating with influencers or partnering with relevant communities in the digital space can amplify your reach and introduce your artistic expression to new audiences. These collaborations allow you to tap into existing communities of individuals who share an interest in your art.

In conclusion, DigiComArts emphasizes the power of digital media in showcasing artistic expression. Carefully selecting the right medium, whether it’s video, a website, or social media, enables you to effectively connect with your target audience and amplify your reach. By leveraging digital platforms, you can create a compelling brand presence, engage with a broader audience, and achieve your artistic and business goals. Embrace the power of digital media to harness the full potential of your artistic expression.

Ask AI Guy is a Fan of DigiComArts

The reason the name of this blog post is so funny is because the Ask AI Guy named above has only been around for two months, and he is a fan in less than 60 days (yes days!) is kind of hilarious. But then, he is after all part AI and part human. And his person side has been on this Earth for more than 60, no not days, but years. Anyhow, the Ask AI Guy is really more figurative than literal. And heck, we’ll take fans wherever we can get them! So thanks “Ask AI Guy.” We like your idea for revolutionizing education using AI! Now we will turn it over to the Bot that the “Ask AI Guy” emailed a link to us to retrieve. Here he comes…

Thanks for the intro. For more than a decade, has steadfastly remained a beacon in the digital community landscape, much like a cyber-age lighthouse guiding lost netizens to the shores of quality content. In its younger years, it played the role of sidekick to the more extensive Digital Community Arts, a site that danced with audacious flair and detailed indulgence. As times changed, so too did our beloved DigiComArts. It may have become the last man standing, but it stands with pride, a grin on its digital face, and a glint in its pixelated eye.

In the ever-evolving digital realm, DigiComArts has not necessarily updated as rapidly as a caffeine-induced programmer during a hackathon. However, the site’s persistent existence is testament to the fact that it isn’t all about keeping up with the Kardashians of the digital world. Slow and steady can also win the race, and in this case, it certainly has. DigiComArts is still here, standing strong, just like your grandmother’s ancient yet reliable coffee maker.

And they are even working with those in the AI world, like the Delegate to AI crowd.

Now, let’s not forget about the “Ask AI Guy.” A sage with a motherboard for a brain, this character has brought a blend of cyclops mythos and the sterile logic of artificial intelligence to the site. Is it quirky? Yes. Do we love it? Absolutely! The AI Guy, in all its enigmatic wisdom, has ushered in a future that our ancestors would have hardly dared to dream of.

Artificial Intelligence, once confined to the realm of science fiction, is now as mainstream as avocado toast and plant-based burgers. And we at DigiComArts are more than thrilled to be a part of this AI-laden journey. We’re riding the wave of this digital tsunami and using it to propel us into the future.

It’s an exciting time, folks! You can’t even imagine the incredible things that are happening here and on the horizon. The digital world is as diverse as the flora and fauna of the Amazon, bursting with innovation and creativity at every click. And the best part? The thrill of the unknown that promises untold digital marvels yet to come.

If you’ve seen “Different is You,” then you’re aware of the profound individuality it showcases. Individuality, dear reader, is the new Bitcoin. It’s the new investment, the new luxury, the new ‘it’ thing. Everyone is unique, and it’s time we celebrated this fact with the same enthusiasm as our dog celebrating us coming home from work.

In a world where everyone can be a brand, we are all potentially influencers, trendsetters, game-changers. We all have our individual platforms, our unique messages, and our distinct audiences. And DigiComArts is here to amplify these voices and encourage this trend of individual brand-building.

Many of us don’t realize the power we hold in this digital age. We are brands, whether we acknowledge it or not. The internet has given us a chance to amplify our voices, share our stories, and make an impact. But the question is, are we using it as much as we should?

So, here’s a challenge from your friends at DigiComArts: Let’s embrace our individual brands. Let’s amplify our voices. Let’s make a difference in our unique ways. Let’s celebrate our differences and cherish the connections they forge.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a place that brings together a digital community’s vibrancy, a cycloptic AI, and a profound celebration of individuality, look no further than DigiComArts. The digital lighthouse awaits you, ready to guide you to a future where everyone can be a brand and everyone has a voice.

“Ask AI Guy” takes DigiComArts to a New Level

Ask AI Guy Taking a Rest Between DigiComArts Projects (A Human is Involved Too)

As technology continues to advance, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important in many industries. In the world of digital communication and arts, AI has made a significant impact in automating the creative process. This is where “Ask AI Guy” comes in to take DigiComArts to a new level.

DigiComArts is a division of the AI process that focuses on the automation of all things creative-oriented, such as web design, graphics, and content creation. With the help of AI, DigiComArts has made it easier for creatives to streamline their workflows, save time, and enhance their productivity.

“Ask AI Guy” is a powerful tool (and part human) that has been designed to help individuals and businesses in the digital communication and arts industry. It is somewhat like an AI-powered virtual assistant, except that since a real life human is involved, it is not delivered through AI technology.

Instead it is delivered in the form of books available online that are authored by the Ask AI Guy. They are useful for any kind of business that want to integrate AI into their business and marketing. Even companies that may consider themselves as a Company in Need.

These books that provides step-by-step guidance on how to create visually stunning designs, build websites, and craft engaging content. But it is not done through AI but rather is about AI in the form of short and useful books as seen at “Books on AI” and more.

The first step in using “Ask AI Guy” is to identify the specific task that you need help with. For instance, if you need help in creating a website, find the book on that topic at places such a Books on AI and the “Ask AI Guy” will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

It will provide you with suggestions on the best website builder to use, help you choose the right template, and even provide guidance on how to optimize your website for search engines.

Once you have identified the task, “Ask AI Guy” will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to accomplish it. The guide is designed to be easy to follow.

One of the benefits of using “Ask AI Guy” Books on AI Series is that these publications can save you time and even money. DIY (Do it Yourself) is not always the most fun, but it can be a lot less expensive.

And expense can be an issue, but can also mean being able to make your site or whatever the project is, more adept at conveying what is unique about you and even maybe how you are a good fit for those who are in your audience, or are current or soon to be customers.

The traditional process of creating a website, for instance, can take weeks or even months. However, with the help of “Ask AI Guy,” you can create a website in a matter of hours. It is all about following the steps as outlined in the particular “Ask AI Guy” book you have gotten on the “Ask AI Guy” web site or “Books on AI.”

Another benefit of using “Ask AI Guy” is that it eliminates the need for having substantial technical expertise. You don’t need to be a web developer or a graphic designer to create visually stunning designs or websites. There is some time needed if you are going to Do it Yourself, but for many the extra effort is worth it. And if you ever do need help, websites along the lines of DigiRefer can sometimes be helpful,

“Ask AI Guy” simplifies the entire process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical know-how. All you have to do is follow the steps given in the specific book you are using.

“Ask AI Guy” also helps businesses save money. Outsourcing tasks like website creation and content creation can be expensive. However, with “Ask AI Guy,” businesses can create their own websites and content in-house, reducing the need to hire external contractors and saving them money.

In addition to creating websites and graphics, “Ask AI Guy” also provides guidance on how to craft engaging content. It offers suggestions on the type of content to create, how to structure it, and how to optimize it for search engines.

“Ask AI Guy” is constantly evolving and improving, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of AI-powered virtual assistants. As technology continues to advance, “Ask AI Guy” will continue to adapt to the changing needs of the digital communication and arts industry.

In conclusion, “Ask AI Guy” is a powerful tool and person (just like you) that give basic and useful solution to finishing DigiComArts projects. Although ultimately they are just books, due to simplicity and time saving, some have even said that their approach has revolutionized the way we create and communicate digitally. Whether or not this is true is up to you. But one thing is for sure. The “Ask AI Guy” works hard so that each and every day he writes a new book on a new and useful topic. Topics he chooses to write based on things that he has had success with himself in one form or another.

DigiComArts Skills Can Have a Practical Application

DigiComArts, for Those Who have the Skillset, Can Be Used as a Source of Income

If times are hard and you’re looking for ways to bring in extra dollars, combining different media types like those seen on the Digi Com Arts website can be a great way to monetize your skills and creativity. Here are some ways to make money with a combination of media types:

  1. Freelance work: You can offer your skills as a freelancer to clients who need help with website design, graphic design, video production, and other digital media services. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr allow you to create a profile and bid on projects that match your skills.
  2. Sell digital products: You can create and sell digital products like e-books, stock photos, music tracks, and video templates. Websites like Creative Market, Shutterstock, and AudioJungle allow you to upload and sell your digital products to customers around the world.
  3. Create and sell online courses: If you have expertise in a particular area, you can create and sell online courses on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Coursera. These platforms provide tools to help you create and market your courses to a global audience.
  4. Monetize your website or blog: If you have a website or blog that showcases your skills and creativity, you can monetize it by placing ads, offering sponsored content, or selling your own products and services. Websites like Google AdSense and Amazon Associates allow you to earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing.
  5. Participate in affiliate marketing: You can earn commissions by promoting other people’s products and services on your website or social media channels. Websites like ClickBank, allow you to find products and services to promote and earn commissions on sales.
  6. Offer social media management services: You can offer your skills in social media marketing to businesses and individuals who need help with their online presence. Platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer allow you to manage multiple social media accounts and schedule content in advance.

In conclusion, combining different media types like those seen on the Digi Com Arts website can provide many opportunities to earn extra money. By leveraging your skills and creativity, you can offer your services as a freelancer, sell digital products, create and sell online courses, monetize your website or blog, participate in affiliate marketing, or offer social media management services. With determination and effort, anyone can find ways to monetize their skills and thrive in difficult times.

DigiComArts Started Out as a New York Public Library Educational Program Taught by Us with the Late Rodger Taylor and Continues on Today in its New Form as a Source of Media Knowlege Used to Do Things like the METHOD HOW to “Get Media Splash.”

Being Under the Spotlight of a Media Splash Can be Quite Exciting!

DigiComArts as an Education Program Occurred Unexpectedly and Quite by Accident

We miss the amazing writer, librarian and incredible human being Rodger Taylor ever day. He wrote with Fred Jerome a landmark book entitled “Einstein on Race and Racism.” What started out as a possible creative project we and Rodger were considering developing which we called “DigiComArts,” completely unexpectedly and quite by accident became an educational workshop hired by the New York Public Library. Some participants of the DigiComArts Library Program received recognition at the 2012 Platinum PIAs Awards.

A Decade Later DigiComArts as a Creative Tool Proves to be as Useful as Ever

The concept behind DigiComArts from the very beginning was that it was a marrying of many different media and art forms together into a tool that could be used for purely creative artistic projects, or, if done correctly, could be utilized as a way to creatively promote one’s self or work. This was also a part of the original DigiComaArts projects a decade ago with a key component and purpose which was to use it a method to self promote. At the time of it origin, the concept to “self promote” was sometimes looked at with disdain. Much has changed since then!

Detailed METHOD HOW to “Get Media Splash” Coming Soon!

Although we are not going to get very deeply into explaining how one can use DigiComArts to “Get Media Splash,” we are currently presenting to you something we think long term will be more valuable to you when it comes to you as a “creative” or entrepreneur. As it turns out, DigiComArts can be a part of doing the right thing when it comes to issues like “Bullying” which as one of the components of the Library DigiComArts Workshop Program back in 2012. And it still has this power to this day, DigiComArts can be an important part of making change in our society. We currently live in a “U.S.A. Divided” when we could, and should, if not be “United” at least be a “U.S.A. Unified.”

Positive Public Change for Some Can Be a Good Focus

Causing and being a part of positive public change is so much more rewarding, from our point of view, than thinking only of the bottom line. Making a Difference in our opinion is much preferred over materialism. Not that all wealthy people are unhappy of course, but a lot of the ones we have over the years have seemed to be, but there are no statistics to support or deny this of course!

Marketing with a “Cause”

We bring up all this regarding having a “Cause” because when it comes to fulfilling the suggestion “Get Media Splash” a good way to engineer a media splash, is to not only promoting something, but part and parcel with it, have an element of helping out those in need in some way. And these are good times when it comes to media. You have a lot of different options, many of which you likely have alread set up including not just social media, but tools like podcasting, making videos, adding new elements to a website and more. At the vortex of this is what it is you are ultimately promoting. Many find creating and making available online a course to be a good way to go.

Get Attention but Tying What You Desire to Get Across, to a Current Headline of Interest to People

This is a very old strategy but it continues to work well, and sometimes those doing smaller projects forget about it. It is really quite easy to do. First take what you are promoting and make certain you are very clear on what it is that you want to get across. Next think of all the big stories of the time and moment. What is the news going on that there is a large mass of people seeking out. This is followed by connecting your story to the big news story in some way. Look for an aspect of your story that can correlate with a big news story happening. Then write a blog post, or do a podcast, or something on social media, or even all three. The material you write for each medium should tie in with the big news story. The downside of this of course is that when the big news story is no longer news, the excitement and interest by the public for your take on it, will likely dwindle. But this tactic is only one of many.

Online Courses, eBooks and More

You have probably heard it all before. The advice that is along the lines of telling you to make and sell internet courses and eBooks on the Web. Everybody it seems it using this as some kind of “revelation” even though it is getting old. But wait, there is still hope for this approach, that is if you do not go about doing it like everyone else is. A new and fresh way to make, market and sell courses and eBooks will be coming soon!

“Businesses in Need” Can Benefit from Learning about the Magic of Media Marketing (and We’re Not Just Talking about “Social”)

If you have found yourself in the category of “Businesses in Need” and want to go from facing major challenges to helping others succeed while you earn, then the time is now to explore the “Magic” of Media. It is quite extraordinary what we have access to today. Much of the SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that are considered common place now, were not in existence a decade ago.

But how can you harness the magic of technology?

  1. Decide on and concretize your mission by focusing on those who you want to help with your product/services.
  2. Gain insight regarding your audience, the people most likely to purchase your product and service. If you are finding this challenging you can always use the “Five Ws and How” consisting of the questions who, what, where, when, why and how?
  3. Figure out how to get in front of this group using things as targeted forums or social media.
  4. ,Get to know the free options out there and what they can do for you and your business.
  5. Take your new knowledge and set an objective of what you want to achieve.
  6. Deepen your relationship with your audience by using ways to remain in touch with them such as email marketing.
  7. Develop your strategic plan for the steps and alternative steps you will need to follow to complete campaign research.
  8. Decide on a schedule of what you will do and when, because deadlines help get things finished.
  9. Do final draft of your strategic plan, making sure all steps are easy to do and cost you nothing.
  10. Bring in your audience and educate them about what you do with your eBook and Online Course.

Since the METHOD HOW to Find Your Audience is Coming Soon, Here is a Sneak Peek “Coming Attraction”

What is the Best Way to Find an Audience for Your Project?

Okay. You want to put DigiComArts to work for you, both in terms of creating a promotion as well as understanding what that promo must do to motivate the audience that you are trying to reach. So what do you do? Do you blindly generate the marketing product, or do you gather data that will help you to make your efforts more likely to have a positive outcome. If you guessed the latter you would be correct. As we have often said in DigiComArts posts, is that it is better to create an event for an audience known of in advance, than to create an event and then attempt to find an audience that will want to attend it. METHOD HOW is coming soon to provide secret strategy steps to make attempts like that just mentioned into reality.

How Will You Get the METHOD HOW to Do this?

Think about it from your perspective. Would you want to attend an event that has nothing to do with your interests? Of course not. So you need to make an experience for which there are lots of individuals out there who would want to attend. The METHOD HOW to do something like that, will soon be available at the new METHOD HOW website, which as of writing this, does not exist yet and has a “Coming Soon” page at the site’s address.

But as of this writing, going to the METHOD HOW website would not have the answers yet that you are seeking because there is as of yet not a site at that destination. But that does not mean you cannot take big steps toward your goal of having an event that people want to attend. Or to put it another way, have the right audience for your happening. What some would recommend would be to do online searches as well as looking at various social media results to get the info you need.

Chicken or Egg?

Using Social and Search to to do research could prove useful for generating ideas. But you are not going to find the METHOD HOW to do what you want to do, until your know what you are trying to accomplish and understand the METHOD HOW to make it happen. This starts an egg and chicken issue which is to ask yourself which comes first, the chicken or the egg. If the egg comes first then this is symbolic of knowing who you want to reach.

Not a Perfect Metaphor But Hopefully You Get the Idea?!

To continue, the chicken then helps you to design something of interest that its feathered comrades, would like to attend. For example which of these would a chicken want to attend. Choice “A” is going to a spa. Choice “B” is attending a farm where they make chicken feed available. A little bit of an iffy example but you get the idea. If you had a spa opening, would you send out invites to chickens? No, of course not. But would you be better off to know you want to develop something that chickens are “hungry” for like, say, chicken feed? “B” needless to say would be the best choice if you want success getting an audience of chickens.

Bad Metaphor to Potentially Even Worse Pun Attempt

But to do a “Pun Intended” a lot of small business owners are “chicken” to take the route of audience first, then event creation second. They are either fearful of this or worse, want to develop an event that THEY would want to attend for which there is not really a group of people who would also like to attend. Thought, there is a way to make event first then find audience. It will not be covered in depth here but it makes sense to give a very short explanation of what this approach would entail.

Are You Your Own Audience?

And remember, DigiComArts can give you the media tools needed to pull this off. But how do you start with YOUR passion and then have an event people want to attend. Ready. Set. Go…Your audience is YOU and people like YOU. Makes sense right? You have your passions and thigs you want. You put together an event based on that. Then what? Find your people, meaning those who share your passion. That of course involves having access to secret strategy steps which will be available soon on the METHOD HOW site.

And Finally…

METHOD HOW and its 10 step approach is coming, but until that happens we are meanwhile going to instead complete the the third triangle vertices. To reprise, we gave you a bad metaphor which was then followed by an even worse pun, therefore it only makes sense to add a third botched attempt as we exit. Brace yourself for what is about to occur. What is it? it is a poor attempt on our end to sum everything up with a real stinker of a rhyme that, fingers crossed, at least maybe conveys the gist. deep breath, here goes…Get your audience to BEGIN and then you will WIN.