How to Get Past a Parent Who Yelled and Criticized You

From One Generation to the Next

Know that Digital Communication Arts is always available to you. Some of us who became artists did so not only because of the joy of being creative but also as a way to shut out a parent who is continually criticizing us. The artistic expression can be a way to hold at arm’s length those who act out on us. Although difficult to recognize this as a kid, the parent is the one who is spreading dysfunctional traditions and is the one who needs to get a grip. You can bet that the mother or father who is putting down the child experienced something along those lines while young also.

Make a Commitment

But that is not how it is supposed to be. A human being who is a part of “the quest” should always be seeking to do better in their generation toward their child than the parent did to them. Let’s say you are the offspring of someone who has a negative parent, as difficult as it is to do, you need to learn to see who the parent is and make a commitment to doing better.

Your Art

Forgiveness is a term that is used a lot in some circles. Where forgiveness comes into play is the very healthy process of recognizing that your critical parent is a wounded child themselves. Sadly, some may never change and can go to their grave without transforming their ways.  But your job is not done even if they pass. If you become a parent yourself your goal should be to treat that child as you would want to be treated, with love, kindness and understanding. And your art can reflect what you have learned and can maybe even help others who experience it also. Thank God for Digital Communication Arts, also known as DigiComaArts.

How to Become a Billionaire

So, what is it like being a billionaire?

Check In

If you had a billion dollars today, would you know how to sustain that amount and maybe even build on it? Would you know how to navigate through the world of the super-rich, so you were not taken advantage?

Important Question:

Do you know how to attain and keep a billion dollars?

Quickly, About Us

We are not billionaires, not even millionaires. So, what qualifies us to do a story of billionaires and how, with a lot of hard work you can be one too?

You Need to Have Time for the Layers.

Frankly, we are not qualified, but we are doing this tale anyway. We are not able to make a billion, because we are older. To achieve a billion dollars in your lifetime you need to start young. Why? Because becoming a billionaire is a series of layers over a long period of time.

You Need Time

Of course, we do not want to dissuade anyone from trying to become a billionaire, but the reality is you need a certain amount of time to make it happen.

According to Investopedia:

“Becoming a billionaire seems like a great goal, but unfortunately, it’s only a dream for most of us. The thing is many billionaires did not start out as such. Some certainly had economic and educational advantages but even without those, their smart decisions and business choices—plus a few key characteristics—led them to their billions.”

A Brief Look at Some of the Tools of DigiComArts’ Approach to Marketing

In DigiComArts, a promotion can mean the making visible of products and services usually in conjunction with some enticing offer. Usually with promotions the goal is to bring in the client with price drop, but once serving the client is the upsell, which means that the client is being guided to purchase more stuff.

Place is also important. In other words where your physical store is located, brining up the old phrase “Location, location, location.” The new location is similar in concept to your location online. Are you in a place online either through SEO or Paid Traffic, with the best product/service fit, so that your prospect is going to buy from you?

“People” is the next aspect to look at. People are still important online, but sometimes it is about creating the marketing plan that may or may not involve people being likeable to prospects so that they become purchasers.

If your services involve interacting with customers online such as “tech support” for web hosting, you do need the right people. The importance of service comes into play that can either help you to keep customers or to drive them away so that they go to the competition.

New Marketing Hope for Home Business Entrepreneurs

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

If you haven’t checked it out already, you’re going to want to take a look at this site. Why? Because Create Profitable Marketing has a unique way of looking at how marketing is done. They believe that marketing education is paramount for home business success and we agree with them. It is important to learn something new everyday because it keeps the mind fresh. And thinking outside of the box is a way to succeed that can’t be over rated because it allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Find Clients When they are Seeking to Buy

Create Profitable Marketing could well be one of the most useful eBooks of the year. Useful in terms of marketing. Because it reveals many of the secrets used by home business entrepreneurs. Many of whom are your competition. It’s difficult to face sometimes, but you do have competition for customers and clients. How are you going to be successful in terms of reaching customers/clients just as they are ready to make a purchase of a product or service like yours? It can be done and Create Profitable Marketing shows you how.

Marketing Education

As a website our evolution has had us seeking out different audiences over the years. When we first came into the scene our demographic was that of education for library folks who were looking to better understand media. We did events at libraries all over New York who were branches of the New York Public Library. At that time much of the learning that went on from our workshops was done live. Why are we telling you this? It is because we are now more focused on online education, and when it comes to marketing education Create Profitable Marketing is something you are going to want to take a look at.

CoronaVirus and its Impact on Media Industries

Digital Transformation

COVID-19 is a terrible thing. It has taken thousands upon thousands of lives as well as causing people to lose businesses, jobs and more. That said, online media offers some hope for those who have not harnessed the power of Digital Transformation.

Doing it Digitally

As we have discussed with fans of this site and self proclaimed media nerds, the fact that in-person business took a terrible toll, many are getting even more involved with the web as a place to be. This translates into the importance of Digital Transformation in which a business figures out all the aspects of their business that can be done digitally and shifts to that use.

New Hope

Also, another factor of the horrible reign of the Pandemic, is that many folks are becoming interested in what the web can do for them, which is why more and more people are starting home based businesses and are becoming Home Business Achievers. Setting your sites on becoming a Home Business Achiever can be a way to leverage the media industries in the face of the virus! Hope eternal!

A Website Worth Mentioning is Create Profitable Marketing

Is your mouth covered by a butterfly not allowing you to speak about your art? Chances are you need to come out of your own cocoon and fly around with your message!

A View on Marketing that May Be Holding You Back

Create Profitable Marketing is a new website that looks at, you guessed it: how to create profitable marketing. This is an area that many times those who do digicomarts as an artistic process, don’t look at. This tends to come out of a thought that a lot of artists have which is that they are the creative one and to do marketing is beneath them.

There are Many Different Kinds of Marketing

Hope you enjoy starving. Let’s be brutal. Getting your art to be known by the right people is marketing. And marketing can take many different forms. Sometimes that which seems like it is not marketing, actually is.

Know Your Brand of Art

You need to connect with your type of marketer who specializes in your brand of art.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Steve Jobs

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” -Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a great entrepreneur and innovator. When he was alive it was enough to “Think Different.” But let’s face it, this is a crazy time for entrepreneurs. Those who already had most of their business products and processes online, have done better than other entrepreneurial efforts that don’t use “Do It Yourself Digital” also known in short form as “DIYdigi.” DIYdigi is a proprietary methodology for getting more customers and keeping the ones you already have.

Some of the methodology is available in a series of three eBooks on the topic of “Online Marketing.” As Steve Jobs once said about human existence “…Don’t waste it living someone other’s life.” Keep scrolling down to find out how you can INSTANTLY get your free copy of eBook #1.

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DigiComArts Plays a Role in Today’s Issues

No Crossover

Although a lot of people use DIgiComArts to copy cartoons and make graphics, it has played a role in the COVED-19 saga as well as the Protesters/Vandals/Thieves misunderstanding. There’s nothing like a good visual image to set things straight. Most agree that the peaceful protestors had nothing to do with the vandals/thieves. Apparently there is no crossover.

Decimated by Thugs

And yet the double feature show keeps on truckin’ together. It seems that during the day there are those who are within the law standing up for important communication issues, then at night the bad people come in to tear up small businesses and entrepreneurs who were already holding on just by a thread anyway. Honorable businesses that were truly serving their communities decimated by thugs.

Art Helps with Healing

And as this all unfolds the DigiComArts artists document it in interpretive ways.

You Have to Work for It

As Easy as Pushing a Button?

We wish it was as easy as pushing a button. Unfortunately it is not. Your online business is going to take work. But also be sure to work smarter and not harder. Know what your most effective processes are and work them.

Plan Now

But how do you uncover the best way to run your business? The answer is that you need to go through a “business-marketing plan” phase. This is when you can plan how to do what you want to do.

Dry Run

Give it a dry run before you fully embrace it. Once you have your systems in place you’re ready to go. But remember: you have to work for it.

We Live in a DigiComArts World


We live in a DigiComArts or Digital Communication Arts World. Communication technology is all over and thank goodness for that. If we did not have the technology we now have, the Coronavirus would have an extra level of stress. How would we find out about updates? How would we communicate with others?

The Spanish Flu

Compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, Covid-19 may ultimately prove to be worse. 500 million people all over the world were affected by the Spanish flu. The fatality rate is estimated for the Spanish Flu to have been about 2 percent.

Reaching Out

The percentage of deaths of those caused by the Coronavirus are said to be about 5%. In the United States it is estimated to be under 3%. Again, thank goodness we have the means of communication that were not available in 1912. DigiComArts refers to technology in the arts but these same techniques are in common usage for reaching out to others. This same technology allows for staying fashionable even as the death toll rises.