DigiComArts Started Out as a New York Public Library Educational Program Taught by Us with the Late Rodger Taylor and Continues on Today in its New Form as a Source of Media Knowlege Used to Do Things like the METHOD HOW to “Get Media Splash.”

Being Under the Spotlight of a Media Splash Can be Quite Exciting!

DigiComArts as an Education Program Occurred Unexpectedly and Quite by Accident

We miss the amazing writer, librarian and incredible human being Rodger Taylor ever day. He wrote with Fred Jerome a landmark book entitled “Einstein on Race and Racism.” What started out as a possible creative project we and Rodger were considering developing which we called “DigiComArts,” completely unexpectedly and quite by accident became an educational workshop hired by the New York Public Library. Some participants of the DigiComArts Library Program received recognition at the 2012 Platinum PIAs Awards.

A Decade Later DigiComArts as a Creative Tool Proves to be as Useful as Ever

The concept behind DigiComArts from the very beginning was that it was a marrying of many different media and art forms together into a tool that could be used for purely creative artistic projects, or, if done correctly, could be utilized as a way to creatively promote one’s self or work. This was also a part of the original DigiComaArts projects a decade ago with a key component and purpose which was to use it a method to self promote. At the time of it origin, the concept to “self promote” was sometimes looked at with disdain. Much has changed since then!

Detailed METHOD HOW to “Get Media Splash” Coming Soon!

Although we are not going to get very deeply into explaining how one can use DigiComArts to “Get Media Splash,” we are currently presenting to you something we think long term will be more valuable to you when it comes to you as a “creative” or entrepreneur. As it turns out, DigiComArts can be a part of doing the right thing when it comes to issues like “Bullying” which as one of the components of the Library DigiComArts Workshop Program back in 2012. And it still has this power to this day, DigiComArts can be an important part of making change in our society. We currently live in a “U.S.A. Divided” when we could, and should, if not be “United” at least be a “U.S.A. Unified.”

Positive Public Change for Some Can Be a Good Focus

Causing and being a part of positive public change is so much more rewarding, from our point of view, than thinking only of the bottom line. Making a Difference in our opinion is much preferred over materialism. Not that all wealthy people are unhappy of course, but a lot of the ones we have over the years have seemed to be, but there are no statistics to support or deny this of course!

Marketing with a “Cause”

We bring up all this regarding having a “Cause” because when it comes to fulfilling the suggestion “Get Media Splash” a good way to engineer a media splash, is to not only promoting something, but part and parcel with it, have an element of helping out those in need in some way. And these are good times when it comes to media. You have a lot of different options, many of which you likely have alread set up including not just social media, but tools like podcasting, making videos, adding new elements to a website and more. At the vortex of this is what it is you are ultimately promoting. Many find creating and making available online a course to be a good way to go.

Get Attention but Tying What You Desire to Get Across, to a Current Headline of Interest to People

This is a very old strategy but it continues to work well, and sometimes those doing smaller projects forget about it. It is really quite easy to do. First take what you are promoting and make certain you are very clear on what it is that you want to get across. Next think of all the big stories of the time and moment. What is the news going on that there is a large mass of people seeking out. This is followed by connecting your story to the big news story in some way. Look for an aspect of your story that can correlate with a big news story happening. Then write a blog post, or do a podcast, or something on social media, or even all three. The material you write for each medium should tie in with the big news story. The downside of this of course is that when the big news story is no longer news, the excitement and interest by the public for your take on it, will likely dwindle. But this tactic is only one of many.

Online Courses, eBooks and More

You have probably heard it all before. The advice that is along the lines of telling you to make and sell internet courses and eBooks on the Web. Everybody it seems it using this as some kind of “revelation” even though it is getting old. But wait, there is still hope for this approach, that is if you do not go about doing it like everyone else is. A new and fresh way to make, market and sell courses and eBooks will be coming soon!

“Businesses in Need” Can Benefit from Learning about the Magic of Media Marketing (and We’re Not Just Talking about “Social”)

If you have found yourself in the category of “Businesses in Need” and want to go from facing major challenges to helping others succeed while you earn, then the time is now to explore the “Magic” of Media. It is quite extraordinary what we have access to today. Much of the SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that are considered common place now, were not in existence a decade ago.

But how can you harness the magic of technology?

  1. Decide on and concretize your mission by focusing on those who you want to help with your product/services.
  2. Gain insight regarding your audience, the people most likely to purchase your product and service. If you are finding this challenging you can always use the “Five Ws and How” consisting of the questions who, what, where, when, why and how?
  3. Figure out how to get in front of this group using things as targeted forums or social media.
  4. ,Get to know the free options out there and what they can do for you and your business.
  5. Take your new knowledge and set an objective of what you want to achieve.
  6. Deepen your relationship with your audience by using ways to remain in touch with them such as email marketing.
  7. Develop your strategic plan for the steps and alternative steps you will need to follow to complete campaign research.
  8. Decide on a schedule of what you will do and when, because deadlines help get things finished.
  9. Do final draft of your strategic plan, making sure all steps are easy to do and cost you nothing.
  10. Bring in your audience and educate them about what you do with your eBook and Online Course.