Since the METHOD HOW to Find Your Audience is Coming Soon, Here is a Sneak Peek “Coming Attraction”

What is the Best Way to Find an Audience for Your Project?

Okay. You want to put DigiComArts to work for you, both in terms of creating a promotion as well as understanding what that promo must do to motivate the audience that you are trying to reach. So what do you do? Do you blindly generate the marketing product, or do you gather data that will help you to make your efforts more likely to have a positive outcome. If you guessed the latter you would be correct. As we have often said in DigiComArts posts, is that it is better to create an event for an audience known of in advance, than to create an event and then attempt to find an audience that will want to attend it. METHOD HOW is coming soon to provide secret strategy steps to make attempts like that just mentioned into reality.

How Will You Get the METHOD HOW to Do this?

Think about it from your perspective. Would you want to attend an event that has nothing to do with your interests? Of course not. So you need to make an experience for which there are lots of individuals out there who would want to attend. The METHOD HOW to do something like that, will soon be available at the new METHOD HOW website, which as of writing this, does not exist yet and has a “Coming Soon” page at the site’s address.

But as of this writing, going to the METHOD HOW website would not have the answers yet that you are seeking because there is as of yet not a site at that destination. But that does not mean you cannot take big steps toward your goal of having an event that people want to attend. Or to put it another way, have the right audience for your happening. What some would recommend would be to do online searches as well as looking at various social media results to get the info you need.

Chicken or Egg?

Using Social and Search to to do research could prove useful for generating ideas. But you are not going to find the METHOD HOW to do what you want to do, until your know what you are trying to accomplish and understand the METHOD HOW to make it happen. This starts an egg and chicken issue which is to ask yourself which comes first, the chicken or the egg. If the egg comes first then this is symbolic of knowing who you want to reach.

Not a Perfect Metaphor But Hopefully You Get the Idea?!

To continue, the chicken then helps you to design something of interest that its feathered comrades, would like to attend. For example which of these would a chicken want to attend. Choice “A” is going to a spa. Choice “B” is attending a farm where they make chicken feed available. A little bit of an iffy example but you get the idea. If you had a spa opening, would you send out invites to chickens? No, of course not. But would you be better off to know you want to develop something that chickens are “hungry” for like, say, chicken feed? “B” needless to say would be the best choice if you want success getting an audience of chickens.

Bad Metaphor to Potentially Even Worse Pun Attempt

But to do a “Pun Intended” a lot of small business owners are “chicken” to take the route of audience first, then event creation second. They are either fearful of this or worse, want to develop an event that THEY would want to attend for which there is not really a group of people who would also like to attend. Thought, there is a way to make event first then find audience. It will not be covered in depth here but it makes sense to give a very short explanation of what this approach would entail.

Are You Your Own Audience?

And remember, DigiComArts can give you the media tools needed to pull this off. But how do you start with YOUR passion and then have an event people want to attend. Ready. Set. Go…Your audience is YOU and people like YOU. Makes sense right? You have your passions and thigs you want. You put together an event based on that. Then what? Find your people, meaning those who share your passion. That of course involves having access to secret strategy steps which will be available soon on the METHOD HOW site.

And Finally…

METHOD HOW and its 10 step approach is coming, but until that happens we are meanwhile going to instead complete the the third triangle vertices. To reprise, we gave you a bad metaphor which was then followed by an even worse pun, therefore it only makes sense to add a third botched attempt as we exit. Brace yourself for what is about to occur. What is it? it is a poor attempt on our end to sum everything up with a real stinker of a rhyme that, fingers crossed, at least maybe conveys the gist. deep breath, here goes…Get your audience to BEGIN and then you will WIN.

Introverts ask Extroverts to Please Just Let them do Their Creative Process

If you have been talking to others who use the DigiComArts (Digital Communication Arts) approach, then you might have heard about the uncomfortable situation involving introverts and extroverts. As I understand it the introverts are developing new methodologies for the creative and work process that is being especially developed by introverts. This make sense since they would probably need some sort of different way to approach what they do, especially with collaborations. Even a group of introverts can make other introverts feel at odds, with their avoidance of being in a crowded socializing event.

But real problem is that several extraverts have shown an interest in the introverts’ DigiComArts System and want to be able, just like the introverts, to get their hands on the strategies as well. Whereas on the flip side of things, the introverts are trying to hold on to their quiet an peaceful approach. They have asked nicely that extraverts stay away from their process. Of course, it the methods are made available to the public, they have no control over who uses it or not, Here is what the head of the project had to say:

“We’re not kidding. It is not recommended to use this “Method How” unless you are a bonafide introvert who is Myers-Briggs approved. Look, yes, I am an introvert, an INFJ to be exact, but I want to make clear that I personally have no problem with extroverts.”

Finally, a METHOD HOW to Make a Living with NO SOCIALIZING NEEDED and involves just your phone.

Method How to Make Online Marketing Easy without Having to Be Around a Lot of People.

Are You Dreaming? Do You Need to Be Woken Up?

No. This is all true and this phase of the Neighborhood Strategy relies quite heavily on DigiComArts, or its longer version title: Digital Communication Arts.

Without getting into a long definition or anything, DigiComArts mere means achieving something utilizing multiple art forms and strategies. The overall strategy for this entire undertaking is what we call a “Neighborhood Strategy.” We call it this because our own personal take on the promotion arts is that it really must include a “giving back” and nonprofit type feel. And everything starts with a neighborhood. Even with introverts in a limited capacity.