Workflow System or Creative Process?

I Seriously Believed that it Would Work

It is really pretty funny as I think about it now. What I was trying to do was go from a creative process to a workflow system. Why? I wanted to attain a way of working that that was faster, more efficient and possibly even better quality. I manage a large number of blogs and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Having to plow through several sites at once is not always easy. And I do worry about the quality of the content.

Ready, Set, Workflow

I spent a considerable amount of time (ironic) attempting to develop something that could be executed more quickly. How did I burn through so many hours? Probably it came down to my fascination with methods of things. Procedures. I was seeking comfort I suppose, to protect myself from the anarchy that can occur when you tap into creativity.

The More Things Change the More they Stay the Same

I probably did 9 or more numbered lists, step by step, hoping this was going to be the one it worked. I was going for an approach where all tasks would dovetail and synergize. But none of the methodologies that I came up with resulted in several minutes or more saved. Instead, they all turned out to just be more complicated, confusing and confounding. So what to do? Workflow System? Or, creative process? The one I selected I utilized to create this post.