Technology and Art Can Make a Difference

The Evolution of a Term

DigiComArts came into being around 2012. As we have mentioned in other posts, the phrase “DigiComArts” stands for “Digital Communication Arts.” In fact, long ago, Digital Communication Arts played a role in our library workshops and awards show. Students studied and integrated DigiComArts into their creative undertakings while participating in an afterschool program at the New York Public Library. Then in 2013, some of these young people were nominated for, and eventually won, Platinum PIAs Awards. At the time of this writing, information on this could still be found on the New York Public Library‚Äôs website.

Everyday use of “DigiComArts”

No matter what you decide to call it, DigiComArts can be a name for a creative process that involves the integration of a myriad of different art forms and media components. The idea and reason behind the term being created in the first place, was a way to look at what some call inter-arts and recognize that working in multiple art forms and mediums can be an engaging creative process experience.

Innovation in the Entrepreneurial Domain

When an entrepreneur starts a business these days, it is often to provide a new solution to an age-old problem. If that individual has truly developed something fresh and useful, they can be remarkably successful. Where do these cutting-edge ideas come? Some would say that it involves pondering on various levels, in a manner like when engaging in thought about DigiComArts.