A Brief Look at Some of the Tools of DigiComArts’ Approach to Marketing

In DigiComArts, a promotion can mean the making visible of products and services usually in conjunction with some enticing offer. Usually with promotions the goal is to bring in the client with price drop, but once serving the client is the upsell, which means that the client is being guided to purchase more stuff.

Place is also important. In other words where your physical store is located, brining up the old phrase “Location, location, location.” The new location is similar in concept to your location online. Are you in a place online either through SEO or Paid Traffic, with the best product/service fit, so that your prospect is going to buy from you?

“People” is the next aspect to look at. People are still important online, but sometimes it is about creating the marketing plan that may or may not involve people being likeable to prospects so that they become purchasers.

If your services involve interacting with customers online such as “tech support” for web hosting, you do need the right people. The importance of service comes into play that can either help you to keep customers or to drive them away so that they go to the competition.