A Website Worth Mentioning is Create Profitable Marketing

Is your mouth covered by a butterfly not allowing you to speak about your art? Chances are you need to come out of your own cocoon and fly around with your message!

A View on Marketing that May Be Holding You Back

Create Profitable Marketing is a new website that looks at, you guessed it: how to create profitable marketing. This is an area that many times those who do digicomarts as an artistic process, don’t look at. This tends to come out of a thought that a lot of artists have which is that they are the creative one and to do marketing is beneath them.

There are Many Different Kinds of Marketing

Hope you enjoy starving. Let’s be brutal. Getting your art to be known by the right people is marketing. And marketing can take many different forms. Sometimes that which seems like it is not marketing, actually is.

Know Your Brand of Art

You need to connect with your type of marketer who specializes in your brand of art.