DigiRefer Right on Time

DigiComArts is now the media eyes of the industry.

New Client Guidelines

DigiRefer, as always, is right on time. They have adjusted to new client interaction which now has the client often developing and submitting their own media elements. This is important to realize to stay up on the times and DigiRefer, with their freelancer offerings, have trained their Online Workers to work well under the new guidelines. Their article, though short, is a must read.

Moving Forward

DigiComArts got its start approximately 8 years ago at the New York Public Library providing education for Teen Central on media and its use. They have evolved into an organization that acts as a conduit with the help of DigiRefer to match up online workers with media positions.

Next Steps

Now that DigiComArts is a professional provider of exceptional freelance talent, they have opened up an education wing for those interested in making digital media their career. Working with new media companies like USA How To, their future is bright.