ArtisticPreneurs Unite

What’s the Message?

When we say “ArtisticPreneurs Unite” we don’t necessarily mean what it sounds like. What does it sound like? To some it may mean that ArtisticPreneurs should bond and be a united front. But this is not our intended message.

A Kind of Telepathy

Our call to action is the suggestion that those who consider themselves ArtisticPreneurs, stick to a kind of code. In other words, since this is often though of as the age of the ArtisticPreneur, it is somehow how important and maybe even empowering that those who are creative as well as are entrepreneurs, seek solace in knowing others are up to the same thing.

Different from an Energy Drink

Being an ArtisticPreneur, much like a solopreneur, can be a lonely gig. It’s a lot of time being stuck behind a computer with no one there. Needless to say, ArtisticPreneurs like it that way, because many of them are introverts so they get recharged by doing work all alone.

A Special 24 Hours

ArtisticPreneurs are also some of the nicest people you could ever imagine. So if you know an ArtisticPreneur, consider today to officially be “ArtisticPreneur Day” and say “hi” to all the ones you know. It would also be thoughtful if you say to her or him:

“Good job. We appreciate your work.”

Could it Really Be a Holiday?

That’s really all that an ArttistickPreneur needs. A little affirmation now and then. Thanks for reading, but now please excuse me, I have to go do a bunch stuff on the computer. Happy ArtisticPreneur Day!