DigiComArts: The Evolution

There is much anticipation over what kind of an eBook DigiComArts will place on the new version of Art Gush.
There is much anticipation over what kind of an eBook DigiComArts will place on the new version of Art Gush.

It All Started at the New York Public Library.

DigiComArts arts which is short for Digital Communication Arts, got its start at the New York Public Library and is evolving into an online education staple in conjunction with the work it is now doing with the new Art Gush site. Art Gush, in its original version, was established in 2016 as a go-to educational membership site. But as of a few months ago this changed. The creators of Art Gush decided to explore a different path, so all the content was taken down. The new version of the site is to be part blog and part store. The store, when it is set up, will offer PDF downloadable eBooks on topics of interest to ArtistiPreneurs, including Digital Marketing.

DigiComArts was set into motion back in 2012 and was first used to augment DigiComArts Workshops at the New York Public Library. If you check the DigiComArts Archives you’ll see that the first focus was on the topic of “Bullying” and involved the celebrity organization “Stomp Out Bullying.” “Stomp Out Bullying” went on to win a Platinum PIA as did some of the student participants in the workshops.

Digital Communication Arts Platinum PIA

On the New York Public Library website the “Digital Communication Arts Platinum PIA” is described as being given to the individual who excels at creating a digital project in the DigiComArts workshop series.

As mentioned, the theme for 2012 was anti-bullying. A highlight in the build to the PIAs was an address by bullying survivor and “American Idol” contestant Shacara Maclaurin to one of the workshop groups.

The Digital Communication Arts PIA winner for 2012 was Luke Grant for his animatic short “Who’s the Real Bully?”

Yianni Stamas’ Blog Clarifies the Award Bearing the Name DigiComArts

The following is excerpted from Yianni Stamas’ blog:

“Just in time for the build to Harvest Festival NYC, Librarian Rodger Taylor and myself are proud to present the new DigiComArts site which will provide a showcase for teens and others. DigiComArts features Digital Communication Arts projects that are the result of the DigiComArts workshop series at the New York Public Library. Since many of the projects that are created during the workshop series are also nominated for Platinum PIAs Awards, Digicomarts provides a way for surfers to experience the work of participants.”

Manhattan Kids Guide Offers Final Words

This is taken from the “About” section of Manhattan Kids Guide:

“…Lights Camera Read also staged DigiComArts workshops at New York Public Library branches teaching teens important media and life skills. Eventually the DigiComArts workshops expanded their reach by becoming in 2016 an online education experience. This online education site is called Art Gush and helps you advance your creative career.”