John Yianni Stamas Talks About DigiComArts and its Special Network

Community Through Media
Community Through Media

Hi, my name is John Yianni Stamas and I’m one of the founders of DigiComArts, which is short for Digital Community Arts. This volunteer based organization has grown greatly since when it was first developed in 2011 (with then librarian Rodger Taylor) as a series of youth workshops at the New York Public Library that culminated with some participants winning Platinum PIAs Awards. These workshops were done in conjunction with DigiComArts’ companion collective established in 2001 and called Video Film Web . The goal was to create community through media.

This mission is now also accomplished by our managing of over 27 community blogs. These blogs are updated daily in collaboration with guest bloggers and interviewees just like you who are interested in building their visibility while simultaneously making a difference and getting new customers, clients and fans.

We also now offer video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services. In fact, DigiComArts and Video Film Web, working closely with DigiRefer, will help you find your perfect affordable media freelancer to fit your needs and transform the effectiveness of your internet campaigns to better reach your own personal community and audience.

We believe that life is too short to not help to make the world a little bit better daily through uploading fresh web content using a holistic multifaceted approach. We also believe that the pursuit of more customers, clients and fans for business reasons does not exclude you being able to be artistic or to make a difference across the globe. This is the cornerstone concept of the website entitled ArtisticPreneur which also has a weekly newsletter.

The ArtisticPreneur newsletter keeps you abreast of new content on the over 27 community blogs plus provides you with tips to leverage the media that you use to expand your creative entrepreneurial undertakings. Joining this newsletter is on an elite first-come-first-served-basis and can be accomplished by emailing “info at video film web dot com.” In the email be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think this weekly email newsletter can help you.

Please note that not all newsletter joining requests result in you being signed up. We reserve the right to seek out creative people committed to change. Again, the email to be used to request to join the ArtisticPreneur newsletter is “info at video film web dot com.” Those accepted will be added to the email list via the email of the message you send to us.