Yianni Stamas on Billionaires and the Arts

Yianni Stamas of Movie Process is known as an advocate for artists. His latest project is talking to billionaires about their view of the arts! Recently he got in touch with the assistant of the sister of a billionaire to find out the billionaire’s view on the future of creativity. It seems that the point of view of relatives of billionaires is of interest lately – case in point Ivanka Trump. Does she share her father’s view on the arts? What is her father’s view on the arts?

We are currently collaborating with a group that does not even exist yet called USAcreate.com. Our hope is that this entity will shed light on the current state of the arts in America. They’re digital cutting edge. They are at the forefront of contemporary marketing. They are intuitive about the needs of artists. They will be helpful in answering our questions about the future of the arts in our fine country.