Who’s The Real Bully by Luke Grant

The process of creating my animatic basically came from an idea based on events that happen to real victims of bullying , which I researched and had previously experienced in my life.

-First up was the planning of the story, I took about an hour and a half to write out the story in a dialogue form which was told from the perspective of an narrator.

-Secondly after getting the idea down I sketched out the scenes in acrylic blue pencil on comic paper.
being careful and checking, so I did not to stray from the story I moved on to the next step.

-Third I became to ink my sketches with pigment liner. After I started to cleaning away the acrylic with a eraser as best I could.

– Fourth was the scanning process, which gave me some degree of trouble due to the papers size. So to get them scanned I arid multiple scans of each corner of the comic paper till I could get all the single images at least once.

– Fifth came the liberation of each scene (panel) from the comic paper, using Photoshop.

– Sixth came the clean up of the individual scenes (panels) and placement of each on a black back drop. This took a few days (averaging other projects and home work).

-Seventh was the coloring in Photoshop which to days just to get everything to a point of which I thought was good enough.( Ima perfectionist so this took two weeks).

– Eighth next was the of the images into windows movie maker, which I had to rearrange and place them in order in which the story is told.

– Ninth came the input of the typed and edited text before each panel.

– Tenth the spacing and timing part of each image and text. (All this while taking into consideration the viewers reading speed, this took many periods of alteration).

Lastly was the creation of the instrumental, which took me a few days to find a music mixing program I was comfortable with and that could work on my vista. After searching for a few days when I had time I found mixcaft; and within an hour and a half I created the instrumental “Our Minds ” which was named because of the lesson of “of who’s the real bully”. ┬áThen what was left was the input of the instrumental to ┬áthe windows movie maker project. Once I did that I decided to add a sound effect of a revolver to really drive the point home. (Emotion wise). After some last timing and spacing edits the project was complete, and all I had to do was export as a playable video file which was just a few simple clicks.