DigiComArts Workshop Antibullying Video

The “Bullying” cast members:

James Hull

Gabriella Monahan

Luis Colas

Thandiwe McMillen

Luke Grant

Sean Mac Queen


Mariano Perez

Here is the script…

BULLYING   by: Thandiwe McMillan

Kelly, Brittany, and Megan enter the teen section of the library.

Kelly: Oh my  gosh did you see what Rachel was wearing today? Hideous. Like, even my grandma has more fashion sense.

Brittany: So true. I’m so glad I’m not her. I would have to kill myself.

Megan:  Hmmm and she’s ugly to top it all off. (sighs).Anyway, let’s get on with this project. I can’t believe we’re actually in the library. It reeks of loser.

Kelly: Ugh, Ms. P is such a cow.

Brittany: Tots.

The girls walk over to the back table where Stephanie is sitting surrounded by books and engrossed in a novel.

Kelly: Whatchya reading ugly? (Swats book out of Stephanie’s hand). You are nothing and I am something. Repeat it.

Stephanie: (mumbles) You are nothing and I am something.

Kelly: Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to!!

Stephanie: Um, I meant I am nothing, you are something.

Megan:  (holds Stephanie’s hair and whispers in her ear) Louder.

Stephanie: I am nothing.

Brittany: (snickers) She’s pathetic.

The girls move to the other part of the library whispering and giggling. Their voices are now inaudible as we go on to the next scene.—Marcus enters the library and takes a seat next to Stephanie.

Marcus: Well the good news is I found the book we were looking for (smiling). What’s wrong? (smile fades).

Stephanie: Nothing. That’s great (forced smile).

Rick, Bobby, and Vincent enter the library. They strode in to the back.

Rick: Believe me, I know what you’re talking about.

Vincent: (hits Marcus by the side of the head). Hey what’s up loser? (pushes Marcus’s bag off the table). Oops. (high fives Bobby)

Rick: What a douche?

Vincent:  Haha. Probably runs in the family.

Bobby: C’mon guys, stop it, let’s just join the girls (looks uncomfortable).

Rick: Alright. Stop being a little girl.

Bobby: (defensively) I’m not. It’s just…not right. You guys tormenting them I mean.

Vincent: Whatever (shakes head).

The guys now join the girls. Their voices are now barely audible in the background.

Stephanie: Let’s just go.

Marcus: No. we’re staying. We aren’t going to let them treat us this way.

Stephanie: (nods) Ok.


The girls and boys enter together.

Marcus: Oh gosh, here they come.

Stephanie: Wait for it, wait for it…

Kelly: (almost on queue) Ew it smells.

The girls giggle.

Vincent: It’s obviously them.  

 Bobby: (looks uncomfortable) Um…the research paper?

Megan: Shut up Bobby. You’re always defending them.

Bobby: I don’t I-

Brittany: You do.

Kelly:  Look. They don’t even speak.

Stephanie and Marcus continue reading their books as if deaf.

Vincent: (snickers) Forget these losers.


Kelly is attempting to force Stephanie to kiss a piece of gum that is stuck to the table. Brittany and Megan hold Stephanie’s hands down despite her efforts. Vincent and Rick hold Marcus so he cant get to her.

Kelly: Kiss it! Kiss it!

Bobby enters half running.

Bobby: What are you doing?!

Vincent: Stay out of it.

Bobby: No. Let go of her. Now.

Rick: What’s gotten into you?

Bobby: Let go of her. NOW!

The girls release Stephanie and the guys release Marcus.

Bobby: I’m tired of you. All of you. Constantly picking on people. You guys are bullies. I want no part in this. And if that makes me uncool; so what? I’m making new friends. Better friends.

Marcus: Thanks a lot (smiles).

Stephanie: Yeah thanks (smiles).

The three exit, leaving the boys and girls dumfound and looking at one another.