10 Promotion Tips for ArtisticPreneurs

Get Clients
When you visit podcasts, blogs and videos, those featured in this media come across as experts, right? Do you have an expertise in some area? Get on the media track that other experts are on!

Here are 10 quick and easy promotion tips that you can use to get clients:

  1. Who, what, where, how – this can be a starting point for how to get clients. First look at who you are, what is your company and what is the solution to a problem that you supply to clients?
  2. In short, design a paragraph that answers the “who” question that is going to be desirable to your perfect client. Be sure to also answer what you stand for, what are your beliefs?
  3. Important: at all times you want to put yourself in the mind of your future client. What would he or she want to see? Is what you are proposing a solution to a problem which that client has? Are you making this clear enough?
  4. What kind of service do you provide? Get clear on what kind of service or product your company or you offer.
  5. Make sure on your website is what you do and what you are about.
  6. Do you have a CTA (Call to Action) on your site? Is it clear what you want the future client to do? Email you? Fill out a form? Subscribe to a newsletter?
  7. Business, product and service are all concepts when you are just starting out that if merely being announced on your website will not get you results.
  8. More than this is required. So you need to be aware of what your clients want and what their pain points are.
  9. What is it that is painful to them that they want relief from? Chances are your future clients spend time online seeking answers to these problems.
  10. Where? Where do your future clients hang out? Chances are your future clients spend time online reading blogs, listening to podcasts, visiting videos and so forth. You need to do the “where” and go to where your clients are. Make a list of podcasts, blogs and videos that your clients likely visit and then contact these venues to come on as a guest expert sharing your knowledge. Be sure to share your web address as a guest which should be set up to be able to acquire a visitor’s email address.