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This is an attempt on our part to create an OVERVIEW of how to deal with haters, especially online. The concept came about through a discussion we had with the creators of NYC Create. If you are a creative person or an artisticpreneur, this can often mean you are someone who puts yourself “out there.” […]

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NYC Create is a website that has just emerged on the scene for artists of all kinds – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – that with each new blog entry gives you fresh tips and steps to promote yourself, build your audience and even monetize your art. NYC Create’s current blog entry as of this writing […]

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Lights Camera Read, the media education organization, has recently opened up its process to give choices to the readers of its blog. They are doing this by asking viewers what kind of content they would like to see more of. Thus far Lights Camera Read has been known mostly for their Art Gush program that […]

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I was asked to write a brief piece for the new publication entitled “Artist Steps” regarding the filmmaking process for “Thrillumentary.” “Thrillumentary” is a web series we’ve been working on for the past year at Lights Camera Read. And although it has been successful as an educational tool, the worry is whether it will be […]

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According to the Movie Process website, John Yianni Stamas recently introduced a Movie Process that helps work toward the mission of “No More Starving Artists.” The reason a movie process is being used to achieve this goal, is that filmmaking is uniquely suited for helping artists of all different kinds. Therefore having a movie process […]

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Platinum Pias has a video finally. It’s taken them 2 1/2 weeks to create it. But it’s worth the wait because it gives a window into the “community feel” the Pias have. It only runs about 3 1/2 minutes and includes winners, presenters, audience members and “Thrillumentary” cast members. Check the Platinum Pias video out […]

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Yianni Stamas of Movie Process is known as an advocate for artists. His latest project is talking to billionaires about their view of the arts! Recently he got in touch with the assistant of the sister of a billionaire to find out the billionaire’s view on the future of creativity. It seems that the point […]

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The Platinum Pias are tomorrow! And if you catch this blog post in time and would like to attend, please go here.

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The “Pl” are the first two letters of “Platinum” which in turn stands for “Platinum Pias Awards” also known as “The 8th Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards for Artists.” This time around the Platinum Pias are being celebrated on March 20, 2017 at DCTV. Also, the Pias will have mentions of the DigiComArts workshop projects. […]

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Visit the New York Public Library website to see a list of books on bullying.