Lights Camera Read – New York Public Library
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Here is the Bullying Fact Sheet download link.

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Story by Jasmine Grant Illustration by James Hull I came to this school with high hopes. I was looking forward to a new beginning. My mother stopped babying me and I felt myself growing into a young man. My legs grew a little longer, My feet got a lot bigger, and my voice had become [...]

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by Luke Grant The process of creating my animatic basically came from an idea based on events that happen to real victims of bullying , which I researched and had previously experienced in my life. -First up was the planing of the story, I took about an hour and a half to write out the [...]

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written by Thandiwe McMillen This video is of a staged reading for a piece called “Bullying”. The participants are still holding their scripts while they act because this is a work in progress. The script was written and directed by Thandiwe McMillen.   Here is what Thandiwe had to say about the creative process of [...]